Property Providers (including owners and managers) need to register before posting listings. You will choose your own Username and password during registration. Any applicable fees (SEE LIST WITH US) must be received before a listing will be posted. If you are already enrolled and have a username and password, enter your information and click the login button.

  • Individual/ A La Carte Monthly Rates:
  • $25 for Room in Private Home Listing
  • $40 for Vacant Listing

Annual Package Rates:

  • $250 for 1 to 20 Units Listing
  • $350 for 21 to 50 Units Listing
  • $500 for 51 to 100 units Listing
  • $750 for 100+ units Listing


As a subscriber to the UCSB Online Rental Housing Listing Service, I agree to abide by all public laws and regulations pertaining to the rental of housing accommodations, including not discriminating on the basis of RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, NATIONAL ORIGIN, AGE, GENDER, MARITAL STATUS, DISABILITY, or SEXUAL ORIENTATION. However, I am entitled to specify the gender of a prospective tenant for a single room in my home. The University accepts no responsibility for any actions arising from these listings. The University has not accepted, approved or disapproved of this facility nor investigates, endorses or guarantees the suitability of those responding to any listing. Your listing will be activated on the next business day following submission. As a courtesy to our clients we ask that you notify us once you have found accommodations or filled your vacancy. We reserve the right to remove, edit, or withhold any listing. When you fill out the registration page, we require listors to provide their physical street address. "This address must be the usual street address at which personal service may be affected of each person who is the owner or is authorized to manage the premises, as required by law. This information needs to be made available to your tenants (Civil Code 1962)." The Community Housing Office may provide this information to tenants upon request.