Room Switch


This section is specifically for UCSB students living in the UCSB residence halls and UCSB apartments. If you are interested in switching rooms with someone else in UCSB housing you should be using this section to find someone. This is a voluntary process.

The following requirements must be met in order to switch assignments

  1. The two residents planning to swap would each set up a 5 minute meeting with their lead staff and their current roommates to go over the room swap process and get the room swap form from the lead staff member. In the apartments it would be the roommate(s) in the room, not the whole apartment.
  2. The two swapping residents would have all of their roommates sign ONE Room Swap form. In the apartments obtain signatures from ALL of the residents in the whole apartment.
  3. The swapping residents would meet with one of their lead staff members to complete a (half sheet) key and damages form, and sign off on exchanging keys and acknowledge that they are accepting the room as is.
    1. Areas that do have UCen PO boxes will also need to ensure mailbox keys are swapped.
    2. Residents with UCen PO boxes will need to go to the UCen Post Office to return their old PO box key and get the key for their new PO box after they receive the email from UCHS confirming their swap is complete.
  4. BOTH of the forms will be turned into one of the lead staff members - the signed room swap form and the key exchange/as is form.
  5. The residents can then start to move their belongings and work together with the person they are switching with to organize times to get their belongings out.
  6. After the room swap is officially processed, an email would be sent by UCHS to each student stating that the room swap has been completed, along with their new room assignment, new PO box, and current rate information. There will also be a clause in there about damages and if they notice any they will need to fill out a work order form within 72-hours of swapping rooms.



As a subscriber to the UCSB Online Rental Housing Listing Service, I agree to abide by all public laws and regulations pertaining to the rental of housing accommodations, including not discriminating on the basis of RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, NATIONAL ORIGIN, AGE, GENDER, MARITAL STATUS, DISABILITY, or SEXUAL ORIENTATION. However, I am entitled to specify the gender of a prospective tenant for a single room in my home. The University accepts no responsibility for any actions arising from these listings. The University has not accepted, approved or disapproved of this facility nor investigates, endorses or guarantees the suitability of those responding to any listing. Your listing will be activated on the next business day following submission and will be posted for 60 days. As a courtesy to our clients we ask that you notify us once you have found accommodations or filled your vacancy. We reserve the right to remove, edit, or withhold any listing.

Note: Watch out for scams! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do not send or accept payment from anyone without vetting them first.

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