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So You're Looking for a Roommate...

Once you've decided to make the move out of the dorms and into a house or apartment, the next step is a big one. Deciding who you'll be sharing your sweet apartment with is an extremely important decision, one that will directly effect your college experience. Maybe you've got one, two, or even five of your closest friends and you're just looking for a place that will house you all. Or maybe you've decided to search for a completely random stranger to live with and, eventually, become besties. Well, we can help you out there.

Tips on Finding a College Roommate

Making sure your new roommate is going to be a great match will be key to an enjoyable and productive college year. One of the most important things is to make sure that your lifestyles are compatible. You don't necessarily have to, say, love the same Netflix originals, or have all the same interests. But, you should make sure that you won't be tearing at each others' throats by the end of the year. Maybe you're a party animal who likes to stay up late drinking cheap beer with 20 friends you made that night, or maybe you're more likely to be nose deep in your studies every night and in bed by 9:00. Just make sure that you two can be on the same page. Another important issue is to hash out your summer plans. If one of you needs to sublease your room for the summer, be up front about it so you can get it posted on our apartment sublease section as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to be stuck trying to find a new roommate for 3-4 measly months while studying for your final exams. In the end, as long as you keep an open mind and are considerate of your new roommate, you'll get along fine. Embrace it, you may have very well just made a life long friend or, you know, at least someone to split the cable bill with for the year.  

Using the Roommate Finder

Once you've found your school, getting started is extremely simple. Actually, the whole thing is pretty easy. We've connected everything with Facebook, just post your information and a little about yourself and you're officially on your way to finding a roommate. You can browse through the posts that are already up while you're waiting for the line of potential roomies to start growing. Once you start getting responses, you can connect directly to their Facebook profile and stalk their feed until you're able to determine whether or not you'll be a good match. Of course, you should probably meet in person to make sure. You'll be sharing a kitchen, living room, and possibly even a bathroom together for the next year. Once you find your perfect match, you can start looking for the perfect pad using our off campus housing map!

Please note the Rent College Pads roommate finder is set up for finding roommates in off campus apartments and houses, not the dorms.